Inline® for Counselors, High Schools,
and School Districts

We offer bulk licenses to high schools to make it affordable for your students to use Inline for their college applications. Please contact us for more information.

With Inline, students get 24/7 access to in-browser help throughout the entire Common Application and college specific questions and supplements. That frees up school-based counselors to spend their time on those important 1:1 conversations and roles that only they can have. It increases the likelihood that students will get applications done, and it improves their odds of getting into a top choice college.  

Inline also fills in the big gap within adjacent tools like Naviance, Scoir, etc. which don't provide student-facing help with application itself.

Inline includes:
- Tips that provide advice and information about how to answer a question.
- Downloadable worksheets and checklists to help students draft, edit, and finalize their essays.
- A library of sample essays with onscreen Inline INTEL that highlights how admissions officers evaluate essays and gives insight into what admissions officers really think.

Students can use Inline before and during the application process, as soon as they have created their individual Common App accounts.