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This page features some of the sample college essays available within Inline, from Common App essays to college supplemental essays (like "Why College X" essays) and short answers. Take a look to see the wide range of excellent essays that top schools are used to seeing, and get inspiration for your own application!

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Common App Challenge Belief Sample 1

I was “born again” as agnostic in 10th grade. This shift in my religious beliefs posed a challenge to everyone around me. I grew up in a Catholic household.
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Common App Lose Track of Time Sample 1

Almost three years ago, I raced up the winding staircase of the New England Conservatory to the third floor, hoping for help from my new clarinet teacher.
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Common App Obstacles/Setback Sample 1

Beads of sweat pooled at the end of my nose. I watched as they wavered, finally falling, hitting my blue mat and exploding. I turned and observed the girl next to me.
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Creative Sample 1

Where I'm From*I am from shin guards from Tide and OxiClean.
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Dreams Goals Sample 1

My path to engineering is a relatively straight line through a series of summer experiences starting with a visit to an orphanage in Soweto during a family vacation.
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Dreams Goals Sample 2

For me, it all starts with a visit to an orphanage in Soweto during a family vacation when I was in elementary school.
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Dreams Goals Sample 3

I love experimenting and I especially love designing and carrying out my own experiments. I came back to school this fall ready with experiments designed to demonstrate the relationship between a bubble’s diameter and its expansion before it pops.
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Dreams Goals Sample 4

He clutched my hand and refused to let go. He repeated his request that I take him with me.
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Favorites By Category

Those that I have grown with: Harry Potter Series: Still angry I didn’t get my letter when I turned 11. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: I have grown with the main character.
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Favorites Sample 1

Amidst the piles of Elle and Entertainment Weekly that sit atop my coffee table, the one subscription that I always read backwards and forwards is Reader’s Digest.
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