Why College X - Visit Sold Me

Why are you interested in Carleton College?

Carleton is my wild card college: the college on my list that I barely knew anything about a year ago and that I didn’t really understand the appeal of until I visited.

What was impossible for me to know until I stepped on campus was that Carleton is everything I want a college to be. It is a place defined by its intimate community. A place where I will be in small classes and develop close relationships with professors, instead of sitting in a huge lecture hall with hundreds of other students listening to a professor who knows none of us. A place where students like and support each other and no one is left out. A place where everyone knows everyone, and traditions, like broomball, bring everyone together. A place where I can use my own special talents to make it better. (It is truly a travesty that students have no way to keep up with all of the intense broomball action on KRLX and, if admitted, I will rectify that by launching rink-side broomball broadcasts.)