Why College X - Sample 4

Essay Prompt

Tell us what makes Stanford a good place for you.

Sample Essay

I take time imagining a week as an undergraduate at Stanford...

Some days are filled with such demanding/hard/indispensable courses as "Multivariable Calculus" or "Applied Econometrics" which require a lot of work and concentration. Yet other days involve more quirky/weird/innovative classes such as "Probing the Nanoscale" or "The Mathematics of the Rubik's cube" which I find intriguing and intellectually stimulating.

Some afternoons are spent in seminars and labs or doing research, for example conducting experiments and investigating "Cryogenic Dark Matter" with Dr. Blas Cabrera in Theoretical Particle Physics Lab. Other afternoons are spent on extracurricular activities such as the Stanford Debate Society and SUMO, or even the Outdoors club and the Stanford Gaming Society. And yet other afternoons are spent in the gym, playing friendly, but intense, water polo or squash.

Weekends might involve staying on campus to catch up on studying for an upcoming test or watching a play put on by the Stanford Drama Club. Or maybe just sitting around with friends, discussing contemporary art and quantum mechanics or simply playing Frisbee. And probably, once in a while visiting the bustling city of San Francisco and exploring places like the California Academy of Sciences or the Exploratorium.

For me, a week doesn't get any better than this.

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