Why College X - Sample 3

Essay Prompt

Which aspects of Tufts’ curriculum or undergraduate experience prompt your application? “Why Tufts?” (Required length is 50-100 words)

Sample Essay

Answer 1

Tufts is the perfect choice for me as a scientist, musician, and community member. As a prospective psychology major hoping to concentrate in cognitive and brain science, I can study a variety of sciences because Tufts recognizes neuroscience as an inherently interdisciplinary field. I look forward to discussing neuroscience with similarly interested students. With Tufts’ support for undergraduate research, I hope to conduct research at the Emotion, Brain, & Behavior Laboratory, and to present my research at the annual Tufts Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium. I am also excited to join the Tufts Symphony Orchestra and the Asian American Alliance.

Answer 2

During my visit to Tufts last spring, I was attracted to the school's global outlook and the mutual engagement and intellectual curiosity that bind the faculty and student body together. This came alive for me when I spoke with one of the faculty, Dr. Gittleman from the German, Russian and Asian Language and Literature department. We had a stimulating discussion concerning the interpretations of religion and its place in society. Such encounters allow me to connect with and learn from people of other ethnicities, cultures and mindsets. This open exchange is what I seek from my undergraduate experience at Tufts.

Answer 3

I knew I liked Tufts when I heard about the Experimental College. There was nothing that rung truer to my personality than a section of the curriculum dedicated to exploring classes like "Demystifying the Hipster". Although studying the intricate personality of a hipster is interesting enough for me to be sold, it was the way Experimental College highlighted the most important aspect of Tufts' culture, a culture that embraces diversity, quirks, and intellect that made me realize this was the school for me.

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