Why College X - Legacy & A Visit to See for Myself

Essay Prompt

How did you first learn about Rice University and what motivated you to apply? (250 word limit)

Sample Essay

Both of my parents are Rice graduates (Class of 1986) and they both accompanied me on my first visit to the campus as a prospective student. The minute we drove past the hedges, I could tell why they loved Rice so much.Standing in front of Lovett Hall overlooking the quad, I felt the power of Rice's history and traditions. On my class visits, I saw that Rice challenges students with the difficult questions and expects them to go boldly into the future.

On my tour of the campus, I discovered that Rice provides students with the latest equipment and technology they need to take on the world. Later, I learned that I could further develop my group leadership and collaboration skills by obtaining the RCEL Certificate in Engineering Leadership. Finally, in the residential colleges, I found a system that really fits my personality. I love the idea of being a part of a family that is a microcosm of the University and competing against the other residential colleges for bragging rights.

Driving by the hedges on our way out, I knew Rice would be my top choice. In fact, it became the standard against which all the other colleges I visited were measured. None of them compared and Rice remained at the top. That's why I'm applying Early Decision. There is no other school that would be as good a match for me as Rice.

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