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Generations of students have found connection and meaning in Bowdoin's “The Offer of the College,” written in 1906 by Bowdoin President William DeWitt Hyde. Which line from the Offer resonates most with you? ... "To carry the keys of the world's library in your pocket, and feel it resources behind you in whatever task you undertake"

Sample Essay

One privilege of attending Bowdoin would be the opportunities available for scientific research. I’m the kind of guy who really likes research – it is how you get to test ideas. I have really enjoyed the opportunities for research that I’ve had thus far through school, a summer job, and now a school year job. But frankly, the idea of taking research out of the lab and onto the coast of Maine, an opportunity Bowdoin offers in Marine Biology, almost seems too good to be true. Any college where I can study a subject I love, outside in a place that I love, and get college credit for doing it is my first choice college. That opportunity alone sold me. But then I learned about the James Stacy Coles Summer Research Fellowships. Working one on one with a professor, studying a topic of my choice in Chemistry and getting paid. That seems too good to be true. But it is true. Obviously Bowdoin’s commitment to providing student research opportunities is real and that's why it's my first choice college.

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