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Since Carnegie Mellon was at the top of my list of schools, my Dad and I decided to extend our stay in the States this summer, and to spend a day on the CMU campus. When we were booking our tour, we learned that I could have an on campus interview. I thought that an interview would help me learn more about the school, and so I decided to take on the challenge and have the interview. My interviewer, Giovanni Butler, was half Italian, something that made me feel a lot better. He had no problems pronouncing my first and last name, which is always a relief. When we started talking, I could not stop telling him all about my interests and passions, even though I am usually shy. After spending thirty minutes talking to Mr. Butler, I realized that Carnegie Mellon was the ideal school for me. We talked about so may things in so little time. We talked about my love for Victorian buildings, my obsession with Math and Physics, as well my obsession with Music and History. He actually seemed to understand where I was coming from. He even laughed and gave me a tissue when I spilled my tea all over my trousers! So when he told me that the interview was over, I was actually sad. My dad had to drag me off the campus so that we could catch our flight back to Rome. I did not want to leave a place where I felt like I fit in.

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