Misc. Topics Sample 8

Essay Prompt

The Block Plan at Colorado College has a tradition of innovation and flexibility. Please design your own three-and-a-half week course and describe what you would do. (no more than 500 words)

Sample Essay

CL 201 Classic Meets Modern: How Would Classicists Fit in the Modern World? A. Jamison.

We are all influenced by the world we live in. As 21st century thinkers, we live in a world of global connectivity and have all grown accustomed to the technology that surrounds us. But what if we lived during a different time with different technology? What would it be like if the people, who arguably had the greatest impact on modern thinking, namely the classicists, lived in our world today? How would Epicurus practice his Normative Hedonism in today’s world full of sales appeals, made unavoidable through digital advertising? Would Seneca still be successful in business and public life despite today’s economy and government regulations?

In this class, you will do detailed research on the professions and philosophies of famous Greek and Roman classicists along with detailed research on the world in which they lived.What were the technologies of their day? What world events influenced them? Then you will be asked to imagine that the classicists are reborn in today’s world. Would they have the same professions and philosophies? Would they develop new and equally profound ideas for our time? The course would combine Philosophy, Sociology, and Politics,as well as elements of History, Economics, and Psychology.

To provide inspiration and access to best-in-the-world resources on these topics, the class will be held off-campus in Athens, Greece with side trips to Rome, Italy. Assignments will include reading and daily thematic papers, as well as a project on a single classicist reborn. The project may be in a format of your choosing (written paper, oral presentation, multi-media presentation, film, podcast, graphic novel to name just a few possibilities).

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