Misc. Topics Sample 41

Essay Prompt

Please choose two of the following topics and respond to each in 200 words or fewer. The two topics that the applicant chose are shown below.

Sample Essay

What is a community to which you belong? Reflect on the footprint that you have left. (You may define community and footprint in any way you like.)

I’ve been conscious of the importance of caring for the environment for as long as I remember because it was a consciousness instilled in me by my Mom, who is an environmental lawyer for the state of Idaho. So when I transferred to my new school, the first club that I joined was Project Green. Project Green focuses on projects that result in a more eco-friendly school and community. That fall, they were embarking on a really interesting clean energy project that could provide the school with solar panels on the roof for free. All we had to do was convince enough local residents and businesses to sign up for a new energy plan that would have some of their electricity supplied by clean energy sources, such as wind or solar. I happily took my turn at "sign-up stations" we set up in the community and by the end of the project, the school had its solar panels – saving the school $2,400 on electricity each year and making our community more environmentally responsible. I was proud to have been a part of something that had a direct and meaningful impact on my community.

Write about something that you love to do.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve drawn. First with crayons, but once I discovered pencils, they’ve been the only medium for me. I carry a sketch book everywhere I go. At last count, I have more than fifty sketch books crammed with drawings I’ve made over the years. Why do I love to draw? I love it because it helps me see more and see differently. I favor a hyper-realistic style, therefore I must look very carefully at anything I draw. Every detail matters. I’ve trained myself to be a human camera and to look without judgment in order to make drawings that are faithful representations of my subjects. I love it because it frees my brain from its endless stream of chatter and daily worries. Once I start drawing, I’m in the zone and I think only about the next mark on the paper. And finally, I love it because drawing is something just for me. I don’t worry about whether I do it well or not. I simply do it. Always have, always will.

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