Misc. Topics Sample 35

Essay Prompt

This is your chance to take a risk. (150-200 words)

Sample Essay

Part mad engineer, part daredevil, I’m always up for taking a risk. The mad engineer in me emerged early, starting with potato cannons and progressing to solar cars. From there, I got into autocross racing which exposed the daredevil lurking within. That daredevil probably also accounts for me being a devotee of straight razor shaving, but maybe I just have a certain fondness for the old school. Then again there are parts of me that aren’t represented by either the mad engineer or the daredevil. Probably most significantly are those that are “knocks off the old block.” My passion for arepas for breakfast comes from my Venezuelan father; my love of chicken fried steak for dinner from my born-and-raised-in-Texas mother. My ambition to be a pediatric neurosurgeon is inherited from both, since they met in med school and are both physicians themselves. Any way you slice it, I’m a bit of a unique mashup and I’m perfectly okay with that.

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