Misc. Topics Sample 28

Essay Prompt

While there are many different characteristics that we look for in an applicant, we are also looking for students who will contribute something unique to the Cooper community. Choose and elaborate on one personal quality you feel you would bring to The Cooper Union.

Sample Essay

I have an ability to motivate others and I believe that is why I was chosen as captain for both my basketball and baseball teams. I am not the "superstar" on either team, but I do know how to get the best out of every player and that makes for an overall better team. I also know the right things to say to my teammates to get them pumped up for the big game. I even know how to criticize my teammates in ways that help them learn from their mistakes rather than get down on themselves. Most importantly I know how to bring the whole team together to accomplish a greater goal. So when it comes time at college for a team to pull together, whether that is in the classroom, on a project, or on the field, I know that I will be one of those able to help do it.

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