Misc. Topics Sample 27

Essay Prompt

What have you done to challenge or change that which outrages you? (75 – 150 words)

Sample Essay

Blatant racism is ignorant and unacceptable, but I still see it exhibited way too often. That’s why I was so outraged at our final basketball game last year. Jamal, our team manager, got to go into the game for the first time all year and our whole team wanted to see him score more than anything. As he shot the ball, the other team’s center swooped in and swatted it out of bounds, shouting “Not in my house n*****!” Shocked and angry, our entire team thought the technical foul called was more than justified, but we weren’t satisfied with that punishment alone. So my coach and I (as Captain) made sure the referees reported the misconduct to our public school sports league, which prevented the center from playing in his team’s district playoff game.

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