Misc. Topics Sample 21

Essay Prompt

Alumna and writer Anna Quindlen says that she “majored in unafraid” at Barnard. Tell us about a time when you majored in unafraid. (100-250 words)

Sample Essay

Picture me as seven-year old girl white water rafting in the swirling, treacherous waters of the Major River near City, State. Now picture me looking around to make sure nobody is watching and, confident in my swimming abilities, purposely throwing myself into the rapids. I loved the feeling of being strong enough to ride the rapids rather than be drowned by them. Of course, I got in big trouble with my parents for disobeying their rules, but it was really kind of worth it.

Truth is, my childhood is filled with stories similar to that, and I haven't really changed. Both as a seven-year-old and as a seventeen-year-old, I'm a bit of a dare devil, especially when it comes to doing things people tell me that I can't do because I'm not strong enough or because I'm a girl. These dares don't scare me, they challenge me. And every time I take on one of these dares, I build my confidence. At this point, I am a person who is not scared to step up or speak up when challenged. And I look forward to every dare that comes my way. Majoring in unafraid got me this far, so I will continue majoring in unafraid for the rest of my life.

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