Misc. Topics Sample 11

Essay Prompt

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word "Knowledge?" "Play"? "Future"?

Sample Essay

Knowledge is personal enlightenment, a light bulb going off inside the brain. Knowledge can relate to intelligence or smarts, but its deeper meaning relates to wisdom. It doesn't have a price tag, and you can't put your finger on it. Knowledge of certain situations comes with time, as you grow older and more experienced. It is the ability to overcome a problem, defeating it before it can get to you. It is the key to success, as knowledge is power. It is like hidden gold, lying underneath the surface just waiting to be uncovered.

Play is the release of stress through a focus on fun and games. Play is every moment I spend on a court or field dribbling, throwing,catching, or hitting a ball. Play is possible alone, but way better with a team. The old saying says it isn't whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. But I'm here to tell you that winning is big fun. It's the driving force for all competitors. This force is unmatched. It's why I can't leave the world of sports. Covering "simple" play on a huge stage is my dream. It is work (and a career choice) that is all about play.

Future is unknown. Future is bright. Future is finding the right place for college. It's finding a job as a sports commentator, moving up the ranks in a career, and finding success. Future is finding a soul mate, having kids, and leading a happy life. It has no promises and may take a sharp turn when you least expect it, but should be greeted with optimism. It's forgetting about the past and only focusing on what you can do about what comes next. Future is the knowledge that life changes over time. Everyone has to build his own future. There's no specific blueprint, and it isn't built overnight. It takes passion and hard work in the present to make the future I want.

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