Goal: Bubbles Experiments Done

Tell us about a small goal you hope to achieve, whether in the next 10 days, 10 months, or 10 years.

I love experimenting and I especially love designing and carrying out my own experiments. I came back to school this fall ready with experiments designed to demonstrate the relationship between a bubble’s diameter and its expansion before it pops. The data from these experiments is essential is to my IB Extended Essay in Physics.

Therefore, I was crushed when I found out that I couldn’t conduct my experiments because my school didn’t have the necessary materials – no slow motion camera and no radioactive elements. Grudgingly, I designed some alternative, far more simplistic, experiments and conducted them so that I could complete the draft of my Extended Essay due September 15.

But I can’t let go of my desire to conduct the experiments I originally designed. After some thinking and researching, I’ve got a plan. I found out that a technical university near my home has the materials I need. By networking with friends, I found a student at the university who connected me with a student working in the lab. After some cajoling of the student lab worker, I’ve got a meeting set with the head of the lab next week. I fully intend to leave that meeting with permission to use the lab’s materials to conduct my experiments in time to include the new data in the final version of my Extended Essay due December 1.

That’s my small goal – bubbles experiments done by December 1. Wish me luck!