Future Roommate Sample 3

Essay Prompt

Virtually all of Stanford's undergraduates live on campus. Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate -- and us - know you better.

Sample Essay

Top ten things you need to know about me as a roommate:

1. I hate making my bed in the mornings; yet, I love getting into a made bed. In order to reconcile this conflict, I usually make my bed just before getting into it.

2. Waking up early is physically painful for me, so I trick myself into thinking that I am sleeping in: I set my alarm early, and then reset it at 5 minute intervals until it becomes imperative that I climb out of the covers.

3. I loathe wrinkles. To maintain wrinkle-free attire, I may even iron my sweat pants.

4. Despite my eclectic taste in music, I only listen to the classical genre when I’m studying.

5. I do not possess an artistic bone in my body. Will you please decorate our dorm room?

6. I fervently hope you are comfortable talking about controversial topics, such as religion and even politics.

7. Whether it’s Latin dancing or chocolate eating, if there’s something you want to get involved in on campus, I would be happy to do it with you!

8. Raised in Michigan, I’ve been conditioned to love football, but I want to attend a lot of Stanford’s sporting events, including synchronized swimming.

9. I would love to share clothes and shoes.

10. Stanford’s bike culture scares me. I’m terrified of riding bikes; the last time I tried I ran into a bollard. Unless I have a remarkable breakthrough, I’m going to walk to classes.

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