Formative Place Sample 1

Essay Prompt

Home is where your story begins. Tell us about your home and how it has influenced your story.

Sample Essay

The first thing I see every morning is the mural that has been on my wall ever since I was born. A tableau of three sisters in an elaborate garden -- I’m the one hosting the tea party. I have woken up in this same room, in the same house, in the same town for my entire life. All of this sameness might seem limiting to others, but the sameness disguises the growth that my secure home has nurtured. Opposite the wall with the mural is my bulletin board, which over the years has provided ample evidence of my constant development, featuring an ever-changing set of pictures and images of current friends and passions. Most recently, it’s pictures from my service trip to the Dominican Republic, but soon it will be me leaving for college. I’ll be waving to the little girl in the mural, assuring her that we’re both ready for me to leave.

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