Favorites By Category


Those that I have grown with: Harry Potter Series: Still angry I didn’t get my letter when I turned 11. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: I have grown with the main character. Every October when a new book came out, we were turning the same age. The Heroes of Olympus: The sequel series to the Olympians. Still reading it because the last book is coming out October and the main character is also 18.

Page-turners I couldn’t put down: The Da Vinci Code; Gone Girl; Inferno; The Lost Symbol.

Those that have helped me discover who I am: Demian: Bildungsroman helped me achieve mine; The Song of Achilles: Patroclus and I are one, enough said; One Hundred Years of Solitude, reconnected me to my Latin American roots.

Me trying to get in touch with classic literature: The Count of Monte Cristo; Frankenstein; Wuthering Heights.

Me trying to understand the economy: SuperFreakonomics; Capital.

Print or electronic publications: The Economist: Subscribed and read cover to cover because it is best source of information on world economics that is not U.S. centric;
Foreign Policy: Read it before every MUN conference as preparation; Time: Read my Mom’s copy when killing time at home because it’s there and usually find an interesting article or two.

MUSICALS, MOVIES AND TV (My Guilty Pleasures)

Musicals: Phantom of the Opera.The Book of Mormon. Newsies.

Movies: Gattaca.The Grand Budapest Hotel.The Iron Lady. Les Miserables. The Harry Potter Series.

TV:  Jeopardy: I usually win – at least while playing along during dinner. American Horror Story – even though I hate scary movies. How to get away with Murder - love watching law on TV. Revenge - which is loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo. Friends - laugh every episode no matter how many times I have seen it.

TEDTalks: Changing my life one at a time:

Just to name a few...I'm kind of a TEDTalk addict.

Nicholas Negroponte: A 30-year History of the Future.
Annette Heuser: The three agencies with the power to make or break economies.Philip Evans: How data will transform businesses.
Anat Agarwal: Why massive online courses (still) matter.
Arthur Benjamin: The magic of Fibonacci numbers.
Xavier Vilalta: Architecture at home in its community.
Kelly McGonial: How to make stress your friend.
Lisa Bu: How books can open your mind.
Skylar Tibbits: The emergence of “4D printing.”