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Activity Sample 2

Last summer, I landed an internship that gave me the opportunity to do field testing of environmental equipment measuring air pollution.
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Activity Sample 3

I would continue working for my school publication because the experience has led to my development as a writer, leader, and contributor to my school.
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Activity Sample 4

Below are 10 samples of responses to the activity/work experience short answer question. They touch on the most common types of activities and work experiences and should give you a great starting point for your own answer.
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Activity Sample 5

When I transferred to my new school, the first club that I joined was Project Green.
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Activity Sample 6

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve drawn. First with crayons, but once I discovered pencils, they’ve been the only medium for me. I carry a sketch book everywhere I go.
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Activity Sample 8

Formula One racing, a global motor racing sport barely known in the US, is MY spectator sport. It is truly a contest in strategy, engineering, and flat out speed.
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Commentary Quote Response Sample 1

When I chose to travel to Costa Rica to learn about tropical medicine the summer after my sophomore year, I expected to learn all about infectious diseases and their pharmaceutical treatments.
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Commentary Quote Response Sample 2

I screw my eyes shut, then slowly peek at the screen. It worked! I jump up and down waiting for the capture to finish, frantically print off a copy, and race down the hallway to compare it to my notes.
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Common App Accomplishment Personal Growth Sample 1

I wake up on a cool Colorado morning and look out the window at the mountain ridges. Today is the “Elk Hike,” a ten-year tradition in my family and part of our week-long summer trip to Colorado.
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Common App Background/Interest Sample 1

My home swaddles me in the history of my family. My ancestor's loopy cursive traverses the old documents hanging in our living room and each night I dive into the bed onto which my great-grandmother etched little notes when she was my age.
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