Acceptance Rates Rise at Most Ivies and MIT

They had been going down for several years
April 4, 2020

Most Ivy League colleges accepted a larger percentage of applicants this year than they had in previous years. It’s the first uptick in a long time.  That also correlates with the smaller number of applications they received this past cycle.

Don’t get too excited, though. At Harvard, that means they admitted a whopping 30 more people than in the previous year. (Good news for those 30, though!) The applicant pools at Princeton and Brown actually grew, and Princeton’s acceptance rate went down. And Yale’s higher acceptance rate makes sense as they have been growing the size of their incoming class.

Here’s an interview I did on this topic with the Harvard Crimson day before yesterday:

For Class of 2024, Smaller Applicant Pools Meant Less Competitive Admissions at Harvard, Peers

Note that these admission numbers aren’t final yet. There is likely to be some waitlist movement over the summer. And Cornell and Stanford, who have chosen not to release their acceptance rates, will still have to report them to the Department of Education this summer, so we’ll have those numbers at that time.

Anna Ivey is one of the founders of Inline. An experienced admissions consultant and a frequently cited media expert on the topic of college admissions, she is also co-author of the college admissions bible How to Prepare a Standout College Application. Learn more about Anna's background here.

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