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About the Product

Inline® provides real-time, expert help for college applications that use the Common Application® platform. It works with the Common App® general questions, as well as with 650+ individual college supplements and essays.

Inline also offers support for supplemental, college-specific essays, including our “Inline INTEL,” which analyzes sample essays and provides an inside view on how those essays would be evaluated by a college admissions officer.


Strategic advice from former admissions officers for every part of the Common Application®, including application essays and 600+ school supplements. Downloadable worksheets, checklists, timelines, and more


Tailored advice for “Why School X” and other school-specific essays. Special add-ons for international students, homeschool students, and U.S. military veterans

Essay Intel

Access our library of sample college application essays, all annotated to show you exactly how an admissions officer evaluates an essay… what’s effective (style, content, tone) and why

Test Score Reporting

Get the inside scoop on test score reporting, including whether to submit multiple scores, which scores are most important, and which scores NOT to submit


One download and you’re done. Tips magically show up in your browser as you’re logged into your Common App® account. It’s all available while you’re actually filling out your application – just when you need it most. Start as early as Junior year


Start with a free download of the Standard version, and upgrade within the product only when and if you need to. Prices range from $0-$149… as affordable as a new pair of kicks
Free Download
Start with the FREE version. You can always upgrade later.


Strategic Application Advice When You Need it Most

Once you install Inline, it opens automatically whenever you launch your Common App® account in your browser.

Strategic advice appears in context right on your screen above each question while you're filling out your application, just when you need it most. Clicking on live links open up new browser windows that contain even more detailed advice if you want to take a deeper dive.

Insider Information at Every Step

Created by actual college admissions officers, Inline will show you how to give your applications the edge — how to highlight your extracurriculars, report test scores, brainstorm and customize essays, navigate required disclosures, and understand how seemingly basic questions can affect the admissions outcome.

Inline distills years of experience from reviewing actual college applications into practical help that will make you shine.

Know When to go the Extra Mile ... And When to Hold Back

“Should I submit an optional essay?” “Should I submit my scores to this test-optional school?”

Sometimes it's a good idea to submit non-required components, and other times it's not. Inline shows you when to submit those extras, and when to hold back. ​Inline also helps keep you from making mistakes that might have a negative impact on the admissions outcome.

Make the Forms Work for You

Squeezing your whole life into an application form is daunting. Inline shows you how you to cherrypick the most impressive parts of your background and showcase them best in a very limited amount of space and pre-determined format.

Life Isn't Always a Straight Line

If you have to disclose a disciplinary or criminal history, or your education was interrupted for some reason, Inline has plenty of advice for you.

Those histories don't have to be deal-breakers, but you do have to disclose when required, and you have explain the situation in a way that is both truthful and least damaging. Inline shows you how.

Treat the Application as a Whole

Inline offers worksheets, tips, and samples to help you submit your very best application essays. Inline won't try to jam you into a box or a type.

For example, Inline will never tell you that, as a student-athlete, you must write your essay about that winning goal. In fact, if you've properly showcased your athletic successes elsewhere in your application (Activities section, recommendations, resume, etc.), you're probably better off picking a different topic for your essay.

Inline shows you how to make the essays fit into the larger whole of each application and reflect YOU as a larger whole.

Special Add-Ons for Homeschooled, Veteran, and International Applicants

How do you produce the most useful recommendations from your parents if you're homeschooled? How do you select the right start date if you're still on active military duty? When is it a good idea to report test scores for English proficiency if you're an international student? Inline has you covered with special advice just for you.
Inline INTEL gives you an insider look
at how college admissions officers evaluate application essays.

Inline is brought to you by the authors of the college application bible How to Prepare a Standout College Application

Anna Ivey is the former Dean of Admissions at the University of Chicago Law School and a longtime college admissions consultant who has been featured by CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, the Harvard Crimson, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg/BusinessWeek, and SmartMoney. She holds a BA from Columbia University and a JD from the University of Chicago Law School.
Alison Chisolm has worked in admissions at three of the most selective universities in the United States: Southern Methodist University, the University of Chicago, and Dartmouth. In 2009, she joined forces with Anna’s college admissions consulting practice and is a sought-after speaker for parents’ groups and professional organizations. She has also served in a leadership role at the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School of Chicago. She holds a BA from Yale University and a JD from the University of Virginia.
"Here’s the secret to college admissions success: Your credentials are only half the battle. Preparing your application in the most strategic way gets you to the win. The application forms are designed for the benefit of the colleges, so Inline shows you how to make the forms work for you. That’s your secret weapon.
Anna Ivey

Who Uses Inline?


Using Inline is like having an expert admissions coach sitting right next to you, giving you strategic advice and insights as you work your way through every section of your applications and essays. Can we make it fun? That's a toughie. Can we make it less stressful? YES. Get started by downloading the FREE version below.

Still stuck with an application question? Email us, and we’ll get on it! We’re constantly updating and expanding the Inline library of hints.


You’re the world’s best expert on your child, not necessarily an expert on the college application process. (How much has changed since you applied to college? A lot!) You don’t have to tear your hair out trying to be the 24/7 in-house application expert.

Inline empowers your child take ownership of the college application with the benefit of the best application advice … and frees you up to be a productive conversation partner and chime in when appropriate.

Counselors & Teachers

No piece of software will ever replace the 1:1 help of a college counselor or writing instructor, so let Inline leverage your limited time by providing a structured process for your students to bring you their best application and essay drafts for your feedback and guidance. Currently there is no tool out there like Inline. Naviance® is great but doesn’t offer help with the college application itself or with the essay writing process. Inline fills those gaps in your toolkit. Contact us for more info.

Free Download
Start with the FREE version. You can always upgrade later.


The stakes are high when completing the application. And, frankly, as a high school senior myself, the Common App can be a bit confusing. Help has arrived! A tool has launched that offers in-browser, on-demand help with the Common App, to support students while they are completing the application.​
I have found this really helpful and user friendly!
CeCe Jane
HS Insider blog​ger​, L​os Angeles​ Times
Inline was extremely helpful - personally, as the oldest child in my family, I had so many questions about the Common Application and the entire college process that were answered perfectly with Inline. I'm happy to say that I will be attending Tufts University as a member of the class of 2021. Thanks again!
Sophie P.
Inline motivated me to do my college applications earlier than I would have because I knew there would be help along the way.
I had started on my Common App in July, so I was almost done, but I still had a few questions that I was struggling with. My school counselors didn’t really know how to help me, especially with some of the online parts (they are still old school and do it with paper). All the information in Inline was really helpful because the Common App is just not that well designed or explained. I have already shown Inline to the counselors at my high school and suggested they look it to buying it for all seniors.
Keaton C.


College Application Help at an Affordable Price

Free Download
Start with the FREE version. You can always upgrade later.

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inline works seamlessly with all your college application resources, including

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  • College consultants
  • Tutors
  • Essay workshops

by providing additional insight into your application, as well as on-demand help right when you need it.

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